Links for the Weekend (2023-03-17)

Each Friday, I’ll post links to 3–5 resources from around the web you may want to check out.

Most To Jesus I Surrender (or Maybe Just Some)

Tim Challies ponders what it means to come to Jesus with everything.

As I worked my way through chapter after chapter, I noticed one recurring theme: the people are meant to bring to the Lord what is first and what is best. Where they may be tempted to wait until their barns are full and their larders stuffed before offering their sacrifice, God demands the firstfruits. Where they may be tempted to sacrifice the animals that are lame or unsightly and that can otherwise serve no good purpose, God demands what is perfect and unblemished. He makes clear that if his people are to worship him, they must worship him in ways that prove he is their first priority.

How Can I Learn to Receive Criticism?

This episode of the Ask Pastor John podcast (transcript also available) helps us distinguish between warranted and unwarranted criticism. I appreciated the reminder of how Paul and Jesus counseled Christians to combat the negative effects of hurt feelings.

The deeper question in all of this — and I think this may be what she’s really getting at — is how to keep our hurt feelings (which all of us have from time to time) from dominating us, controlling us, causing us to either become melancholy or depressed. Or how to keep them from making us bitter or angry so that we are miserable to be around. Neither of those responses to criticism shows the sufficiency of Jesus.

You Don’t Need a Degree to Read the Bible

In this video, Matt Harmon explains how asking a few good questions can bear much fruit when reading the Bible.

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