Loving Our Neighbors

Football Tailgating

Part of the vision statement at Washington Presbyterian Church (WPCA) is to “publicly share the gospel.” Our church building is located right next to the Washington High School football stadium, where on Friday nights in the fall, fans from our community and throughout the region pack in to support their teams. Fans can park in the church parking lot, pick up a snack and a drink, and receive the word of God through pamphlets printed for each game. And of course, everything is free. Our favorite slogan is, “Parking, hot dogs, drinks, salvation—it’s all free!”

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) is an international ministry whose vision is: “To see the world impacted for Jesus Christ through the influence of coaches and athletes.” The FCA values relationships that “demonstrate steadfast commitment to Jesus and His Word through integrity serving, teamwork, and excellence.” WPCA partners with the FCA to help support a local FCA Bible study (called a huddle) as well as provide character coaches for various high school athletic teams at Washington High School.

Transitions Healthcare Bible Study

Right next door to our building is a skilled nursing and acute care facility, Transitions Healthcare, where some of our members lead a weekly Bible study for the residents. The study consists of prayer for the residents’ requests, a lesson from the Bible which presents the gospel, and music and singing. The residents are mostly in wheelchairs, so we wheel them from and back to their rooms. We average 12 to 16 residents each week, and family members of residents are also invited.

For many years, this Bible study has been a rich experience for both those who serve and the residents who are weak or recovering from injury or illness. This ministry is one where human frailty meets the power and hope of the true and living God.

Helping our Neighbors

At WPCA, we are focused on loving God and loving our neighbors. As we try to love our neighbors, we aim to point them to Jesus Christ as their only hope in life and death. Along with the good news about Jesus, we want to provide practical help when possible as well. If you need help that we might be able to provide, please email our administrative assistant (wpcaoffice@gmail.com) and put “helping our neighbors” in the subject line.