Links for the Weekend (2022-11-11)

Each Friday, I’ll post links to 3–5 resources from around the web you may want to check out.

Am I Resting or Just Being Lazy?

Because we’re sinners, temptation can spring up when we’re doing something very good. We all need to rest, but how do we distinguish between faithful rest and slothful laziness?

Rest, however, reorients us. It reminds us that though work is important, it’s not all there is. We were made to know, love, and enjoy relationship with God. He doesn’t value us based on our productivity. We can slow down and sit at his feet. We can put aside our tasks to commune with him as we explore creation. We can prioritize time with others, making memories and sharing laughter as we were created to do.

The Worshipper

Here’s an article which helps us think about how worship shapes our affections and actions.

There is no doubt about his worship. Everyone knows the object of his worship, because he cannot stop talking about it. Even the way he dresses and behaves declares his commitment to his cause. On a Monday morning he is full of the activity of the previous day, recounting everything that took place in the recent worship. 

What is the Holy Trinity?

In this video, Sam Allberry gives a helpful introduction to the topic of the Trinity.

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