Links for the Weekend (2/18/2022)

Each Friday, I’ll post links to 3–5 resources from around the web you may want to check out.

The Paradox of Parenting and How To Trust God More

Many parents struggle with giving up (perceived) control of their children and “releasing” them into the world. Cara Ray wrote about how a scare in her daughter’s life reminder her about depending on God.

Children may try to assert their control, but they are completely dependent on their parents for survival. And that’s how we are to be as God’s children. We may be adults, but spiritually, we have to become like children. Greatness isn’t found in our perceived self-sufficiency but in our utter and complete dependence on the Father. 

Wordle and Our Longing for the Limited

I’m guessing you may have heard of the word game Wordle. It’s a lot of fun! Chris Martin has some thoughts about what the popularity of this game might say about cultural appetites at the moment.

The vast majority of our interaction with the internet is defined by constant, on-demand consumption. We can binge years of television in weeks. We can scroll Facebook or TikTok for hours and never run out of new bits of entertainment. There is no limit to the number of tweets or emails we can send (unfortunately). Limitless consumption has long been the allure of the internet, but when you can gorge yourself on memes and tv shows, it all can start to taste the same.

How Great (Psalm 145)

Here’s a video of a new song by Sovereign Grace Music, a setting of Psalm 145 to music.

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