Links for the Weekend (2023-06-02)

Each Friday, I’ll post links to 3–5 resources from around the web you may want to check out.

You Cannot Out-Sin the Cross

Here is a short, simple meditation on a portion of the apostle Peter’s sermon in Acts 2. It’s a great reminder that God’s forgiveness is available to everyone.

Now, linger over what Peter does say. Instead of condemnation, he offers grace. Instead of a hopeless word, he holds out the offer of forgiveness. He looks at those who murdered Jesus and tells them they can be saved. The depth of the gospel is deeper than the sin of murdering the Son of God. Is that not stunning?

To Those Who Fear They Aren’t Radical Enough

Lara d’Entremont has written about living an ordinary life to God’s glory. She has zoomed in on how God calls many to “ordinary” jobs to glorify him.

You are called by God to live a quiet life. You don’t have to be leading social justice groups or speaking from podiums to the masses to glorify God. You don’t have to be taking crazy risks for God. He calls you to live quietly, steward the things he’s put in front of you, and work with your hands to provide for yourself and your family. This glorifies God and puts us in good standing before the world so we can better minister to them. This is the beautiful calling God has for your life, and when you neglect it for any other work, that’s when you stop glorifying God.

How to Read the Prophets

The prophetic books can be difficult to understand. Here’s an article from Ligonier with some tips on reading and understanding the Prophets.

 Although the prophets do not speak with omniscience with regard to the future, they do often speak of the certainty of God’s coming in Jesus Christ, the new covenant, and even to the second advent of our Lord, without distinguishing all the parts from one another. Nevertheless, there is still an integral unity to the various stages about which they speak under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

On the WPCA Blog This Week

This week on the blog we published an article I wrote called Giving Thanks is Serious Business. If you haven’t already seen it, check it out!

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